Navigating Untapped Potential

Avaon Oy is a Finnish consulting firm specialising in business growth and unleashing underlying potential in companies founded by Jari Salo in 2020. Avaon’s mission is to improve your company’s financial performance, productivity and sales, whilst providing a new direction towards success. Jari’s vast experience in strategy, business development, management, and leadership in both national and international roles within the industrial sector sets Avaon apart.

Is your company currently facing a challenge, transformation, or a knowledge gap? With its broad experience and expertise, Avaon provides effective change management and leadership to help your company reach a new horizon of growth and success. By partnering with Avaon, your company will further benefit from valuable connections within a wide network across several industries globally.


Management consultancy

Avaon will facilitate your bottom- and top-line growth with development projects in organisation, sales, research and development, production and services, and optimise operations by rightsizing your business.

Interim management

Is your company currently without a leader or undergoing change? Avaon will step-in as COO and other leader or manager roles to navigate through and implement changes within your company to bring about new growth.


Are you looking for a sparring partner or mentor? Avaon supports decision makers by exchanging ideas, solution suggestions and through mentorship.

Board membership

A highly skilled board professional with vast experience supporting business growth and development by your side to support your business towards a sustainable future.

Jari Salo
Founder & CEO

Jari is a highly experienced industrial executive with broad knowledge of global industrial businesses related to maritime, offshore, power-plants, electrical and fibre cables, rubber elastomeric components, foundries (iron, steel, bronze), component manufacturing and subcontracting as well as project businesses.

He has gained vast CEO experience in publicly listed companies as well as in mid-size privately owned companies. His emphasis is on customers, empowering leadership, change and turnaround management, and implementing new business innovation, thus creating added value to the companies.

Jari’s roots are in Finland; however, he has been working throughout his career in a global business environment with multinational teams and people from different cultural backgrounds.


For enquiries, please contact:

Jari Salo

tel. +358 44 278 7226